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In line with Southern Medical University Award and Punishment Rules for International Students, our university will continue to set up Southern Medical University Outstanding International Student Scholarship during the academic 2015/2016 to motivate all degree study students to study hard. The details are as follows. 


I. Quota

1.1 First Grade: the number of students to be awarded is limited within 2% of the total;

1.2 Second Grade: within 4% of the total;

1.3 Third Grade: within 8% of the total;

1.4 Outstanding student cadres: within 10% of the total.


II. Eligibility

2.1. Applicants should have a foreign citizenship, holding a valid passport and meet the relevant requirements of international students in China.

2.2. Applicants should be friendly to China, healthy, law-abiding, studious, honest, and have no records of breaking Chinese laws, regulations as well as university and school rules.

2.3. Applicants should have taken more than one-year’s degree study (including one year) at Southern Medical University.

2.4. Applicants should have excellent academic performances with an average grade equaling to or above 70 points according to the 100 points evaluation system in all compulsory courses and fail in no courses during the academic year 2015/2016.

Student cadres should have organized and played an important role in activities held by the School or the University. The score for a single subject in 2015/2016 academic year is at least 60.

2.5. The following students have no qualification for application.

- Those who cannot register as scheduled for any reason more than two weeks;

- Those who were absent without permission or whose attendance was less than 90% in 2015/2016 academic year;

- Those who have due fees or didn’t pay the fees within the prescribed period in 2015/2016 academic year.


III. Award Amounts

3.1 First Grade: RMB 6,000/ person;

3.2. Second Grade: RMB 4,000/ person;

3.3. Third Grade: RMB 2,000/ person;

3.4 Outstanding student cadres: RMB 2,000/ person.


IV. Application Materials

4.1. Application Form for Southern Medical University Outstanding International Student Scholarship can be downloaded from our school website ( );

4.2. List and abstracts of published papers, award certificates or other materials demonstrating abilities;

4.3 Passport copy.


V. Application Deadline

All application materials should be submitted to Supervisor Office 202 before October 18, 2016.


VI. Approval Procedures

Personal application → Supervisor recommendation → School recommendation → University Announcement.

The result will come out in October.



School of International Education

October 12, 2016