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Workshop on Study Experience-sharing

On April 20th, workshop on study experience sharing for international students was held successfully in the teaching building. Students from 2014 and 2015 batch shared their study habits, plans and methods through colorful ppts.


Ester told us her experience of learning Chinese, indicating that to speak out bravely and confidently is important to master a language. As a medical student, she not only focuses on medial subjects, but also language learning. Her fluent Chinese impressed the students on the scene. At the end of her speech, she encouraged all the students to learn the beautiful language with more than 5000 years’ history.



Roja, another straight a student, gave a detailed list about medical books which she thought would be very helpful for different subjects’ learning. She mentioned that it was very significant for students to make a plan and stick to it. Only by following plans and studying everyday can medical students become excellent doctors.


There were more students who have shared their study life experience in SMU and China. All of them stated that although medical study is a long journey, they all had faith in themselves and would try to dedicate themselves to the career of medicine.