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Inter-batch Football Competition was successfully held


On May 20th, 2017, the Inter-Batch Football Competition was successfully held in the playground of Southern Medical University. There were five teams from undergraduate students, one team from postgraduate students and one from Chinese Medium Students.


Even though the morning started with rain and cloudy skies, the players remained positive and enthusiastic. All of them were not only well-prepared but also appeared in their professional and smart sports attire. The whole playground is embellished with spots in different kinds of colors.


After several fierce matches, the team from Chinese Medium students and the Postgraduates team made it to the finals. It was an exciting match. After  20 minute, the score was a tie of 1-1. And in the end, team of Chinese Medium students won in penalty shoot-out with the final score 4-3. Abdirashid, the captain of international students Football team, said, “ Chinese Medium students are really strong and have good skills. In the future’s practicing, we will pay more attention to the teamwork and try to enhance team members’ strengths and avoid the weakness.”


When the final match was over, all players lined up and gave applause to the students from 2012 batch. Because this is the last year for them to stay on campus. The juniors wished them enjoy the rest of time on campus and  work hard during the internship.




The international students in Southern Medical University have great interests and potential in playing football.  As what they have told us, playing football does not only help them exercise but also enriches their campus life and  relaxes themselves after long day’s medicine study. 


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